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What is Soda Blasting?

Soda blasting is a process where a surface is cleaned, rust is removed, or coatings (of any kind) are stripped from the substrate (the surface beneath the material you are trying to remove). The soda blasting machine propels a bicarbonate-of–soda-based media via water or compressed air onto the surface to be cleaned. This process gently removes the material without harming the substance and can be done wet or dry.

Why Soda Blasting?

  • Can eliminate the need of using toxic cleaning chemicals.
  • Clean multi-layered surfaces to any level desired.
  • Many cleaning operations can be accomplished while machines and processes are up and running.
  • User Friendly!  Both for the operator and the environment as it is non toxic.

What Can Soda Blasting Be Used For?

Rust Removal                 Wood Cleaning

Stain Elimination            Engine Components

Graffiti Removal              Lead Abatement Truck Trailer

Conveyor Systems         PVC Cleaning

Rail Car Cleaning           Farm Equipment

Chemical Process          Mobile Equipment

Cleaning Fiberglass       Cleans Glass

Odor Control                     Building Restoration

Clean Masonry                 Odor Control

Marine Cleaning              Mold Cleaning

Rail Car Cleaning           Clean Aluminum

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